Nokia codes

Here is a list of Nokia codes which may be handy when testing and developing software for Nokia phones.

Code Description
*#7370# (preferred)
or *#7780#
Reset the phone (secure code: 12345 for Nokia; 0000 for Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz)
(all installed software apps will be removed!)
*#06# Show the serial number (IMEI)
*#0000# Show the software version number of the installed firmware
*#92702689# Life timer (Nokia 6220 Classic)

It is a good practise to reset the phone using *#7370# to test a software application before final release to the customer to avoid any interference of previous installed versions or user actions that may affect the behaviour of your application during acceptance testing.

The Nokia codes below are not working on my Nokia 6220 Classic, but may have some use on other Nokia models.

*#67705646# Clear LCD display
*#62209526# MAC address
*#7370925538# Reset the wallet. All wallet contents will be deleted.

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