Abbrevations used in ICT

IT business is full of abbrevations. Here is a list of common abbrevations and an short explanation on what they are talking about:

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management. An application for sales staff to manage data about potential customers, interaction with prospects and store data about prospects and leads.
  • EPL – Eclipse Public License
  • SaaS – Software-as-a-Service. A concept to offer applications through the internet instead of a traditional license where software is installed on a desktop PC. With SaaS no software is installed on the desktop PC. Instead users log in through a web browser and the whole software runs from inside the browser.
  • SDK – Software Development Kit. A toolkit for software developer to create applications and software component using the given technology.
  • UEM – Universal Energy Manager. This Power IC in mobile phones converts 3.6 VDC from the battery to different energy levels for different section in the phone.

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